Character Introduction Edit

Spooky. Tough guy thinks he's hurting my feelings calling me that. Doesn't get it. Not just a spook... I'm the goddamn best. You'll never hear me coming. Never taste the poison, hear the arrow, feel the knife between your ribs. Can't stop what you can't see. Two Bears thought he owned me. Nobody owns me. Don't need a clan. Doing just fine on my own.

'Bout to finish a job I'd been setting up for weeks, out in Leatherwood. Suddenly this big bald lunk shows up out of nowhere, tips off the mark. Screws me out of a very nice payday. Coulda shanked the prick. Then he finds me at the alehouse. Says I got a bigger payday waiting if I come with him. Crimson Court wants to talk to me? Please. So he makes me a bet. Strip darts - best of three. Loser performs one act of the winner's choosing. Darts were never my game. Funny thing... Any other man in that position, work is not the first thing on his mind.

Hard and fast rule, I don't trust anybody. Anybody. But...some reason, I trusted him. More than I trust this caster we just met on the Argosy Road, that's for sure. Gnox. Kinda name is that, anyways?

Move List Edit

  • Slice - X Button
  • Stun - Y Button
  • Dagger Throw - B Button
  • Dash - A Button
  • Block - Right Trigger