City Warrens
Hearts 2
Soul Anchors 3
Treasures 2
Secret Areas 10
Challenge Map 1
Silver 14,000
Gold 23,500

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Monsters Edit

Treasure Edit

Challenge Map Edit

Challenge map for The Forgotten Ruins found on this map.

Trap Edit

Four targets must be hit in quick succession; however, each target will activate various razor blades spinning out of the ground.

The treasure is another item for your character and some gold.

Two Player Puzzle Edit

The way to the treasure is blocked by an iron gate and searing flames from the ground. One player must stand on a pressure plate which lowers the gate and ceases the flames while the other player collects the treasure.

Video Guide Edit

Lets Play Crimson Alliance (Level 3 City Warrens)

Lets Play Crimson Alliance (Level 3 City Warrens)

A guide of City Warrens.

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