All characters have a variety of four consumables at their disposable in Crimson Alliance: a throwing axe, a deployable turret, a healing totem, and meat bait. The throwing axe acts like the exploding barrels found in-game, only doing more damage with a slightly larger blast radius. The deployable turret places a turret on the ground three paces ahead of your character in the direction you are facing. It automatically fires at any enemies within its range. The healing totem drops a stationary totem that will heal for a certain amount of damage. Like health pots, they have the ability to revive fallen allies (including yourself) but must be in the vicinity of the corpse. And finally, meat bait will distract enemies for a short while.

Each consumable is mapped to a directional button on the D-pad (up, down, left, right). One consumable remains selected at a time, unless changed with the D-pad, and is activated with the right button (RB).

Consumables can be gathered from campaign missions and challenge maps or purchased for 250 gold a piece from the vendors. The consumables in the main missions and challenge maps can be collected off the ground or gathered from the yellow chests found in plain sight or in secret areas (the left trigger (LT) is used to open chests).

All consumables stack to a maximum of three, but carry over from level to level.