Fall of Byzan
Hearts 2
Soul Anchors 3
Treasures 2
Secret Areas 9
Challenge Map 0
Silver 14,000
Gold 22,000

Introduction Edit

  • Wizard: "It’s like--like an entirely different city, built over the one I remember."
  • Mercenary: "Exactly how long have you been gone?"
  • Wizard: "You wouldn’t believe me.."
  • Assassin: "I already don’t believe you. Gulyabani. Little bastards."
  • Mercenary: "What are you getting us into?"
  • Wizard: "I don’t know. But I fear many innocent people will die if we don’t intervene."
  • Mercenary: "Not our problem --"
  • Wizard: "And...I know there is a reward waiting if we succeed. A significant award."
  • Mercenary: "Okay, caster. We’re in, for the moment. But the payoff better be more than I can carry."

Monsters Edit

Treasure Edit

2 Player Puzzle Edit

Four targets must be struck in a short period of time to solve this puzzle. This puzzle can be solved solo by utilizing the explosive barrels to trigger all four targets in unison.

Treasure is comprised of some gold and a Heart Piece.

Video Guide Edit

Lets Play Crimson Alliance (Level 1 Fall Of Byzan)

Lets Play Crimson Alliance (Level 1 Fall Of Byzan)

A walkthrough of Fall Of Byzan on normal.

Campaign Stages
Fall of Byzan - Argosy Road - City Warrens - The Hierophant - Gashadokuro - The Old Ruins - Cultist Stronghold - Sea of Sand - Requiem - Homecoming - Palace of Death - Inner Sanctum - Asturi