Hearts 2
Soul Anchors 0
Treasures 0
Secret Areas 0
Challenge Map 1
Silver 4,000
Gold 6,000

Introduction Edit

  • Heirophant: Gonul kurye Asturi! Gashadokuro!
  • Mercenary: "Gashadokuro"?
  • Wizard: A Death Knight.
  • Assassin: Oh, is that all?

Somebody want to explain all those dig Asturi. He said Asturi Lotta trouble I know that name If hat thing can create a warrior out of bones I might The mine! It's collapsin

Monsters Edit

Campaign Stages
Fall of Byzan - Argosy Road - City Warrens - The Hierophant - Gashadokuro - The Old Ruins - Cultist Stronghold - Sea of Sand - Requiem - Homecoming - Palace of Death - Inner Sanctum - Asturi