Character Introduction Edit

Wasn't lying. Dunno what they want her for. First rule of soldiering: They pay, you don't ask questions. I learned that in the Mudboots. Funny how things go. Thought I'd be in the army my whole life. Woke up one morning with a hangover from hell, dragged myself over the hill to the latrine, stayed there seemed like days... No idea my unit was being attacked. Time I got back, wasn't no unit left.

So I hooked up with the Mudboots. Bad-ass soldiers for the highest bidder. Thought I'd be with them forever, too. 'Til one day we're fighting this necromancer guild. I bring my boot down on this caster's skull. Ground beneath just gives way completely. Smash through to an old well, straight to the bottom. Knocked me out cold. I climb out, goddamn wizards turned the whole company to dust. Alone again. After that everybody thought I was bad mojo. "Catastrophe" Gnox, they said. Assholes.

Fine, I'll go into business for myself. After while the Crimson Empress's spymaster shows up, gives me a choice. Do time for that poker scam I been running on them Crimson Army officers... or work for him. It was a fair cop. First job, he says the Empress wants this girl, spook with the Ghostspider clan up in the mountains. I tracked her all the way to Leatherwood. 'Cept she ain't with the clan no more; now she works alone. I can relate.

Dunno what she did, but like i said I don't ask questions They don't kill her, I might even ask her out for a drink. Maybe another round of Strip Darts. Might not even cheat this time. But, first things first: Gotta deal with this crazy caster we just met. He's right about one thing. Place has got some serious issues...

Move List Edit

  • Slash Attack - X Button
  • Heavy Attack - Y Button
  • Shield Bash - B Button
  • Dash - A Button
  • Block - Right Trigger