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"See the anger in her eyes, the Ninja Queen wants to bring about your demise. Fast and agile. She feeds of off killing. To challenge the queen would be unwise."

– Beggar's chant

“Don’t let her beauty and acrobatics fool you, she is a dangerous woman who only has one thing on her mind--your death."

"She started off life a carefree child, until her family was brutally murdered while she was out playing in the fields. The anger and resentment has been building up even since. She learned combat skills so that if she ever found out who the culprits were, she would be able to return the favor."

"The Ninja Queen has many loyal followers who will protect her, even if that means to sacrifice their life. Be careful on your journey, you will never know where she will appear.”

- Lily Goulding, widow of Sergeant Oedipus Goulding.