Name Stage Found Description
Souls at Zero Fall of Byzan We deathless souls alone survive to bear witness to the escalating battle of wills and dark magic that took place so many centuries ago. We have suffered in silence all this time, half-alive in the twilight of incorporeal torture. We longed to speak. There is no one else to speak for us. Please, hear out words and remember...
The Goddess Must Be Fed Fall of Byzan Cast from the throne, the Soul Siren became a martyr to us, her disciples. Though shoved into the shadows and forced to meet in secret, we kept constant vigil on her behalf, offering our souls to sustain her. She devoured them willingly, those who pleased her even lovingly. Those who did not... suffered.
Screams of Shadows Fall of Byzan The screams could be heard across the city as they dismembered the Soul Siren: inhuman howls mixed with the raspy whispers of all the mortal souls she had consumed. They - we - escaped, formless wraiths that flew the city over and sought refuge in vessels like the one you now hold, clinging to a shadow of life...
Comes the Hierophant Argosy Road The cult of the Soul Siren is led by a shadowy figure: a high priest known to the initiated then, as now, as the Hierophant. The latest in a long line to hold that position, he is charged to preserve her memory and grow the ranks of her followers. But now he is clearly up to something else... It augurs ill, we fear.
Gulyabani Enslaved Argosy Road The Hierophant has enslaved an army of gulyabani - nasty creatures, but easily dominated - and sent them across Byzan in search of... what? He has them digging all over the city, destroying homes and businesses with explosives in their effort to discover it. Block by block, our brave and beautiful city is reduced to ashes and rubble...
Rise of the Soul Siren Cult Argosy Road The excavations are only the most recent violation of Byzan by the cult of the Soul Siren. Emboldened by their growing numbers, they're come out of hiding and taken over the entire land. They've built a new city on top of the old and demolished the dam, rendering Byzan's "harbor to the world" once again a desert. But why?
Horn of the Goddess City Warrens We, the souls of the disembodied, are abuzz with rumor. We hear that the Hierophant dreamed the goddess came to him. She told him she had managed before being dismembered to cast out her own soul into a nearby horn of battle. He was to find it and protect it, and the cult was thus charged to keep her spirit safe.
A Horn in a Haystack City Warrens Decades after the Soul Siren was defeated, Zampara learned of the horn's existence and sought to destroy it. The cult hid it to prevent it falling into his hands - but over centuries its location was lost. Now the Hierophant's objective is clear; He is searching for the horn, to resume the cult's obligation to keep it safe.
Resurrection Calls City Warrens The situation is more dire than we souls first realized. The horn does not merely contain the spirit of the Soul Siren - it is imbued with her own powers, and can be used to resurrect the mortal remains of the dead. But the potential for evil consequences is incalculable; such powers violate the natural order!
The Deathless Deep The Hierophant The Hierophant has taken the horn of the Soul Siren deep into the mines below the Warrens, his acolytes close behind. On its own, it can serve him as a powerful weapon of dark magic - but if he is able to locate the long-lost remains of the Soul Siren, it could do much more. Her remains were interred centuries ago - no one knows where.
The Hierophant
Summoning the Knight The Hierophant Our fears are realized. The Hierophant has discovered the power of the horn and seeks to teach himself the Soul Siren's powers of resurrection of the dead. He has instructed the gulyabani to find and bring him the bones of the Gashadokuro. Should he revive it, he will surely not stop there. This must not happen!
Return of the Akki The Old Ruins AKKI, a fierce race of ogres who lived in caverns below the city, have been sighted in Byzan for the first time in centuries. What can this mean? Their species is extinct. They look musty, caked with earth; their once-roaring voices are clotted with dust, their eyes dull unless they are provoked. This bodes ill...
Halcyon Days The Old Ruins In the centuries since the Soul Siren was deposed, Byzan became famous as a linchpin in the Crimson Empire. "All ships dock at Byzan," the saying went, "the gateway to the Crimson Empire." Say what you may about Zampara; his reign brought great prosperity to our land and people. But that era now seems ended.
Time and Tide The Old Ruins Bent on restoring Byzan to its state during the reign of the Soul Siren, the Hierophant has ordered destroyed the dam between our Sea of Kaspir and the ocean beyond it. With the sea receded, the city is once again isolated in a desert. In their quest to resurrect Asturi, the Soul Siren cultists have devastated Byzan.