Hearts 2
Soul Anchors 3
Treasures 2
Secret Areas 11
Challenge Map 0
Silver 13,000
Gold 24,500

Introduction Edit

Hierophant: Komei!
Mercenary: About that reward..
Assassin: Screw the reward. Not a fan of the mystical religious crap. Swords and shurikens are one thing -
Wizard: I remember that sound. Not every fearsome weapon is made of steel... Nor every enemy of flesh and bone. What you believe or disbelieve is irrelevant. That horn has terrible power. And the Heirophant intends to use it. But. He does not yet know how.
Mercenary: You want to find him before he learns how to use it.
Wizard:Yes. We must pursue him into the mines.
Assassin: Must?
Mercenary: You’re the one who said we didn’t have a choice.

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Two Player Puzzle Edit

Video GuideEdit

Lets Play Crimson Alliance (Level 4 The Hierophant)

Lets Play Crimson Alliance (Level 4 The Hierophant)


Campaign Stages
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