"Winter-white, dreadful bite, hard as ice and fast as light; claws and teeth and fearsome might, Winter's day is warg's delight."

–From Catechism of the North Wastes

"Ol' Potter knew there was somethin' wrong, but I didn't listen. He kept yammerin' and sayin' they was a-comin'. So I smacked him one good to shut him up, just so I could take a listen. And that's when I hear 'em."

"At first I thought mebbe they was just some big rats, scratchin' an sniffin' about like that. Then Potter starts freakin' out and they hear us, and that's when I know - these ain't no rats, they be wargs. The pair sets off a tremendous howl chargin' towards us. I wouldn't tell this to another man, but I ain't got no shame given what I been through ... I wet myself on the spot, froze dead in my tracks I did. Potter, he starts screamin' and runnin' for his life, and I just stand there while he goes stark ravin' mad, piddlin' in my own puddle."

"I think that must be what saved me. Potter goes haulin' off as fast as a lizard, and these two ghost white beasts as big as I am tall go chargin' after him. I ... I didn't see Potter after that, though I heard 'im. I don't wanna hear sounds like that ever again."

- Danforth, Dublini Woodcutter