Character Introduction Edit

I know they think me mad. I may be mad. That doesn't mean I'm wrong. I, lava, like the belly of hell itself. My soul held fast, burning to cinder and reforming, over and over. It felt like centuries. I don't know how I escaped. I don't even know if it was real. I only know that I did escape... into darkness. I awoke high in the mountains, blinding snow all around me. Where I was, who I was... Everything was distant..shapes in fog...except one thought: revenge!

But on whom? The people I passed shunned me. They though me an evil omen, called me "Direwolf". It was as good a name as any.

I came to recall the place of my birth; Byzan, Harbor to the World. Surely there I would find traces of my former self. Surely the sea would heal and make me whole again. But what I found was a land altered beyond recognition. Where once were docks, now as desert and the skeletons of grounded ships. Where once a city teeming with life, now shanties in smoldering ruin. Who could have done this?

I grow stronger -- but I am not yet myself. I need allies. Muscle. I will find the truth and put this land aright. Byzan will live again... ...and I will take my revenge.

Move ListEdit

  • Fire Bolt - X Button
  • Freeze - Y Button
  • Storm Stun - B Button
  • Teleport - A Button
  • Block - Right Trigger